about us

Rooted Oaks International was created in partnership with The Vineyard Church of Rwanda. We work within the community surrounding the church in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Vineyard Nursery and Primary School was started by The Vineyard Church of Rwanda.

Our Mission

To partner with families living in poverty to empower them through education, healthy relationships, job training, and discipleship.

Rooted Oaks International originally began in 2016 as Bana Munsange Ministries. We were founded by Antoine Uwamungu of Rwanda and Anna LaCore of the United States. Over the last five years we have been serving the community surrounding The Vineyard in Rwanda in partnership with the Halifax Vineyard of Canada and Hope Vineyard Church in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 

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Our Team

Our Rooted Oaks International Team is dedicated to seeing children and families living the lives of splendor they were designed for. 

Antoine Uwamungu

Co-Founder/Rwanda Director

Anna LaCore

Co-Founder/USA Director

Jean Paul Bucyense

Rwanda Coordinator

Epaphrodite Hafashimana