Focus Areas

What We Do

We Come Alongside Children and Families Living in Poverty in Rwanda.

Our hope is to see the children and families living within The Vineyard Church community in Rwanda being empowered to dream big and follow those dreams.

One’s ability to dream big is often hindered by the lack of resources and support around them. The chains of poverty can suffocate one’s hopes and desires for the future. 

At Rooted Oaks International we are partnering with families living in poverty to peel back some of those chains and anxieties poverty has put on them. We do this through education, skills training, discipleship, empowerment, and relationship building. 


Get Involved With Us

Child Advocacy

Help a child living in poverty gain an education. A privilege so many around the world take for granted. The families within our community do not have the means to pay for their child's education.

You can become an advocate by making a $35 a month commitment. This financial gift will provide for a child's school fees, uniforms, supplies, and medical insurance.

School Development

The quality of The Vineyard Nursery and Primary School is of utmost importance to us. We desire to provide a safe, sustainable learning environment for the children. We currently have 6 classes, but desire to build a fully functioning Nursery, Primary, and Secondary school. This requires the development of multiple story buildings, additional land, a library, a computer lab, as well as other necessary buildings to fully function.

Have a heart for school development? You can partner with us through financially giving to our school infrastructure.

Caregiver Empowerment

Caregivers carry a heavy burden. Many of them lack an education and/or training in skills that could propel them towards a steadier income. This, on top of the anxiety of providing for their children, is a lot for one to carry. We partner with these caregivers to teach them skills to assist in their movement towards steady jobs. This empowerment also increases their hope for both their future and their child's future.

Empower a caregiver today by financially assisting us in the development of our vocational training program.

Feeding Program

A challenge the children within our community have been facing is the ability to focus on their studies when arriving to school on an empty stomach. Many of them lack nutritional meals at home. We have begun providing breakfast for the children, but desire to do so much more. We hope to one day provide lunch, as well as a steady feeding program for them children in the community.

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