School development

Rooted Oaks International was started through a partnership with The Vineyard Church and School in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Vineyard School began in 2016 with a single class made up of 10 children.

Today, we have 180 children from various backgrounds attending.

We want to continue to see this growth and to impact the lives of more children in Rwanda.

Our Vision

We will create a safe learning environment where families from all economic backgrounds desire to send their children. A place where children are receiving the highest level of education while also being deeply invested in by the school staff. We believe children need adults who can nurture and empower their growth. We desire to create a space where every child, no matter what life is like at home, is receiving that from our staff. 

Development Needs

There are multiple areas of the school we desire to develop to create a sustainable, healthy learning environment for the children. 

Multi-Level Classrooms

Building multi-level, modern classrooms would assist us in utilizing our space better. We currently have only one-story buildings, but this prevents us from being able to expand the school too much.

Additional Land

The purchase of additional land would allow us to have more space to expand on. Currently, the purchase of land adjacent to ours would be approximately $35,000. Kigali is developing rapidly, and the price of this land is only going to increase.

Library and Computer Lab

The addition of these two learning areas will increase the quality of our children's education. In today's growing technological age, the ability to use computers is essential to one's success. Access to books is also essential. We desire the children to have continued access to books covering many topics to expand their learning.

Staff Offices

Our school staff currently lacks their own space to work. All of our space is being used for classrooms. To give our teachers and staff their own space would be beneficial.

Partner With Us

A healthy, quality school environment is key to a child's current and future success. Donate today to the building of that environment for children in Rwanda.