Child Advocacy

Empowering Children to Hope For Their Future. Dream Big. Use Their Giftings. Be Who God Made Them to Be.

We desire for each child to...

Know They Are Deeply Loved

Build Healthy Relationships

Gain a Quality Education

Grow Holistically Healthy

How Advocacy Works

Selection of Children

Children are selected for our child advocacy ministry based on their family income. We select children who are orphaned, live with a single caregiver, and/or live below the poverty level.

Match Child with Advocate

Currently, we have advocates from the USA and Canada. Advocates commit to a $35 a month donation. This provides for that child's financial school needs and medical insurance.

Child Attends School

The majority of the children within the ministry attend The Vineyard Nursery and Primary School. A small number of them attend elsewhere.

Our Team Continues to Support Child

Our team on the ground in Rwanda is passionate about ensuring each child is thriving. They are continuously checking on the child at home, in school, and at church.

Nurturing Their Relationship with God

We are a Christian ministry and The Vineyard school believes in the saving grace of God. We desire to see each child personally having a relationship with God.

Encourage Relationship with Advocate

Children write letters to their advocates a minimum of twice a year. We encourage advocates to write to the children. The child will write back to their advocate.

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