Caregiver investment

Caregivers carry a heavy load.

Each caregiver must navigate the financial provision for their family, as well as the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the children in their care. As well as their own physical, emotional, and mental needs. Poverty only increases the weight of this load. No caregiver should have to walk that alone. 

At Rooted Oaks International we are dedicated to coming alongside the caregivers, as well as the children, to see families thrive together. 

Literacy Classes

Many of our caregivers lack basic reading and writing skills. This not only hinders their own success, but their ability to help their children with their studies.

Starting in February 2022, we will be offering literacy classes. These classes will be two days a week for two hours at a time. They will run for approximately 5 months.

Caregiver Gatherings and Support

Our team gathers with caregivers every other month. These gathers have multiple purposes. They are a time for relationship building and worship. It is also an opportunity to do trainings on child development, parenting best practices, basic hygiene, etc.

Vocational Training

Without job training a caregiver is limited in the types of jobs they can obtain. Many of our caregivers do not have steady, reliable jobs. Through our vocational training we hope to increase their ability to gain reliable incomes. Maybe even start their own business impacting not only their own family, but the entire community.

In 2022 we are beginning to lay the foundation for this vocational school. We will start focusing on the area of sewing to then expand into hairdressing, welding, and driving.

The cost is high.

Our vision is great.

In order for us to pursue vocational training in particular we will have to purchase sewing machines, supplies, hire teachers, etc. Down the road we will have the opportunity to become an advocate for a caregiver in our vocational school to assist in their training supplies and needs. However, we will need to get the minimum supplies before we can start.

Sewing School Needs:

Donate to Vocational Training

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