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We were all designed to flourish.

We exist to come alongside children and families living in poverty in Rwanda. Poverty has the power to wrap chains around one’s life preventing them from fully thriving. The constant anxiety of lacking resources and how to provide for not only themselves, but their family can put significant strain on a human’s life. We come alongside them to empower, educate, train, pastor, and support. As we peel away the anxieties, such as lack of education and skills training, we desire to see each member of our community being empowered to live the life of splendor they were designed for. 

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Purchasing items, like these below, will support our new Vocational Training School in Rwanda. 

Many of the adults within our community lack job skills that could improve their ability to obtain steady jobs to provide for their families. To begin to partner with them this year, we launched literacy classes. As we found so many lacked basic reading and writing skills. Next, we will be launching a sewing school. We desire to see adults in our community empowered and trained to even one day start their very own business. 

Visit our Bonfire site to see purchase these and other items while empowering adults living in poverty in Rwanda. 

Focus Areas


Through education, healthy relationships, physical care, and spiritual nurturing we desire to see each child living the life they were created for.


They carry the greatest burden: to provide and care for their families. We partner with them through literacy classes, pastoral care, education, and future vocational training.


We desire to see each family within our community thriving together. We encourage this through home visits, provision of hygiene needs, and continued empowerment.

"They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor."
-Isaiah 61:3

Areas of Empowerment

Child Advocacy

Through advocates committing to $35 monthly donations, children are able to gain an education. These children come from families who do not have the financial income to pay for the cost of school.

Literacy Classes

Many of the adults caring for the children in Rooted Oaks International lack basic reading and writing skills. We are beginning to offer literacy classes to assist those adults in these basic skills so they can expand their income options, as well assist their children in their studies. 

School Development

A quality and safe school environment is a key to a child’s success in school. We are continuing to work to expand The Vineyard Nursery and Primary School to build sustainable and safe structures. We hope to one day add a library and computer lab. 

Vocational Training

We are moving towards training our caregivers in skills that will encourage their ability to gain a steady income to provide for their families. Our beginning focus will be on sewing, hairdressing, welding, and driving. 

Feeding Program

One of the hindrances children were facing at school was their lack of a nutritional breakfast before arriving each morning. We implemented a breakfast feeding program to help children be able to better focus on their studies. We hope to eventually expand to lunch. 

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