Empowering Lives of Splendor

We were all created for a life of splendor...

Where and how we live, our socio-economic status, skin color, or beliefs don’t change the fact that we were made to flourish in life. 

At Rooted Oaks International, we believe God made all us uniquely with different passions and dreams deep inside us. Yet, we don’t all have the resources available to uncover and then pursue those passions. 

We want to break down the barriers preventing families living in poverty, specifically in Rwanda, from pressing deeper into those dreams. We are partnering with these families first to pursue education. Lacking basic literacy skills and knowledge limits ones ability to uncover and pursue their dreams. We then want to provide opportunities for them to learn new skills like sewing to begin to gain a steadier income to provide for their family. While doing this we desire to nurture their relationships with God. To encourage them to dive into their identity as children of God and press deeper into how God wants to use them to bring His Kingdom to earth, as it is in Heaven. 

Focus Areas

Quality Education

Child Advocacy

Vocational Training


Family Investment

Literacy Classes


You can partner with us by making a one-time or recurring donation. Your gift will help equip us to empower families living in poverty in Rwanda. 

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