Vocational Training

Support A Sewing Student

You can now support one sewing student by making a recurring donation of $80. 

Our Mission

Caregivers carry a heavy burden. On their shoulders is how to provide not only for themselves, but the rest of the family also. This weight is even heavier when facing the challenges of poverty. 

Many of our caregivers lack job skills that could allow them to obtain jobs to provide for their families. We desire to train them in skills to not only get well paying jobs, but hopefully one day even start their own businesses. 

Literacy Classes

The first way we are investing in caregivers is by offering literacy classes. 

Being able to read and write is a prerequisite for entering into our job training school. Many within our community, however, never received an education themselves growing up. Therefore, they lack these basic skills so many of us take for granted. 


June of 2022 will culminate our first literacy classes with a graduating class of 40 adults! 

Job Training

2022 marks the launch of our Vocational Training School. Our desire is to train adults in skills and knowledge of these skills. We will also teach them money management and ways to launch their own business following graduation. 


We are starting this year with a sewing school, but plan to branch out in the future to:

Get Involved

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