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Sewing Graduates
Literacy Graduates

"I've always dreamed of being a seamstress and now my dream is coming true."

-Diane, sewing student

vocational training

Education is Crucial.

In 2021 we began our vocational training area of empowerment.

Over the years, leading up to this, we saw the impact lack of education has on an entire family. Without schooling one's ability to get a job is drasticly decreased. If you can't read or write you aren't able to provide for your family with a steady, well-paying job.

We knew that we couldn't just focus on educating the children with the hopes that they would one day break the cycle of poverty. We had to invest in their caregivers, as well, giving them greater hope for their futures. 

Literacy Classes

Our initial area of empowerment was in teaching reading and writing. Students commit to a year of attendance. This isn’t easy for many. The ability to leave their children and home responsibilites is a significant challenge for me. We continue to work to lessen some of the barriers in the way of adults learning basic skills such as these. 

sewing training

A desire of ours is to provide adults within our community the knowledge and training they need to start their own businesses. We have started this through the training of students in the skill of sewing. For nine months students learning the ins and outs of tailoring. They are also taught business development and management skills. At the end of the schooling they are gifted with a sewing machine to boost their ability to start gaining an income through what they have learned. 

Invest in a Sewing Student

It costs approxiametely $80 a month per student for us to continue this area of training Our expenses include the renting of our space, salaries for our teachers, machines maintenence, and supplies.

 If this is an area of investment on your heart we encourage you to consider supporting a student whether partially or in full. A monthly donation of any amount would help us to continue this important area of training. 

Our Future Plans

Our goal is to expand our areas of training. To give individuals the opportunity to choose from a number of vocations. 

Areas we want to expand into:

  • Hairdressing
  • Welding
  • Driving

We are, however, limited by the financial means to expand. If this is an area on your heart and you would like to donate you can do so below. A monthly or one-time gift of any amount is helpful.