Be A Child Advocate

”Here in Rwanda when you are a kid and you don’t have school fees they send you back home but for me I am studying well because of love. They never sent me back home because you have paid for me."
Primary 3 student

What Is A Child Advocate?

An advocate is an individual, or family, who chooses to invest in a child’s educational needs. In Rwanda there is no free education. Therefore if your family cannot afford the cost of sending you to school you go without. This has massive consequences on a child. 

Advocates make a $40 a month donation. This covers one child’s school fees, uniforms, and supplies. It also covers their medical insurance. 

Click on the photo of a child below to sign up as their advocate. 

Children Waiting

These children are currently waiting for an advocate to invest in them. 


Female; Birthday: March 24th, 2018


Female; Birthday: March 3rd, 2020


Male; Birthday: November 17th, 2019


Male; Birthday: June 12th, 2018


Male; Birthday:June 20th, 2019


Male; Birthday: August 25th, 2018


Female; Birthday: July 29th, 2020


Male; Birthday: December 13th, 2020