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Family investment

Stronger Together.

The health of a child is highly dependent on the health of their caregiver(s). Many children come from single parent households due to either death or abandonment. Some are being raised by aunts, uncles, siblings, or grandparents. Others still are being cared for by foster parents. 

The stresses are overwhelming for families in poverty. For this reason we want to focus on the health of the entire unit. We desire to see the whole family living lives of splendor. 

Ways We Empower Families:

Monthly Caregivers Meetings

Once a month our child advocacy coordinator, Jean Paul, meets with all caregivers. At these gatherings they cover numerous topics in parenting best practices, basic hygiene, stress management, and discipleship.

Home Visits

Our team makes visits to the children in their homes. This gives them an opportunity to see the living arrangements for children and learn more of the challenges the family is facing.

Distribution of Basic Hygiene Needs

This can include soap and petroleum jelly.


We want to nurture each member of the families' relationship with God. To share with them scripture and teach how God has called us to love others.

Being a Support System

Families living in poverty are overwhelemed. They face numerous challenges every day. Each member of our team is a safe space for families to reach out to as they navigate these challenges.

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Make a monthly, or one-time, donation as a way to partner with us to continue offering ways of family investment in our community. 

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