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A divine connection...

Antoine and Anna met in Rwanda in 2016. God brought together an American trying to figure out why she was brought to Rwanda with a pastor overflowing with love for his community.

During that first meeting Antoine showed Anna around the community he lived in and pastored. Throughout that tour he pointed out the children wandering the streets who should have been in school. He taught her about the challenges families faced every day. How the cost of school for their children was often out of reach. A luxury that many families couldn't afford.

He then invited Anna into partnering with him and The Vineyard Church community in Rwanda to develop a ministry that opened opportunities for these children to attend school.

This led to the development of what was originally called Bana Munsange Ministries, but changed to Rooted Oaks International in 2020.

Antoine is our co-founder and Rwanda director. He is also on our Board of Directors. He, his wife Florence, and their four kids daily pour out their hearts to the families within their Rwanda community. A beautiful example of what it looks like to sacrifiially serve those whom God as called you to love.

Anna is our co-founder and USA director. She is also part of our Board of Directors. She oversees all aspects of the ministry on the USA side from lovely Duluth, Minnnesota. In 2017, Jean Paul came on board as our child advocacy coordinator. Previously, he worked for Compassion International with an abundance of knowledge in how to successfully expand the vision of Rooted Oaks. His love for the families overflows every day. He, his wife Rose, and their three kids also pour out their lives and hearts for our community in Rwanda.

Epa grew up within the Vineyard church and learned first hand the power of someone investing in his education. In 2020, he officially started working with us. Although he's been playing roles with the ministry from the very beginning. His roles include teaching literacy classes, photography, facilitating projects, translating, and so much more. His heart also explodes with love for the children within our community. He has sacrafically given so much to continue to see families empowered to live the lives of splendor God made them for.

our team

Antoine Uwamungu

Rwanda Director; Co-Founder

Anna LaCore

USA Director; Co-Founder

Jean Paul Bucyense

Rwanda Coordinator

Epaphrodite Hafashimana

Rwanda Facilitator

Our Board of Directors:

  • Anna LaCore, President
  • Robert Stovall, Treasurer
  • Sarah Herried, Secretary
  • Antoine Uwamungu
  • Thomas Strewler

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