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We believe every child deserves the right to an education. 

For many around the world, Rwanda included, there is no option for a free education. Parents must pay. This is impossible for so many families. Our child advocacy ministry partners with families who cannot afford schooling.

We don't want children to simply be in school but to also be given a high quality education. For this reason we are constantly aiming to improve The Vineyard Nursery and Primary School. The children who attend span many socio-economic and religious backgrounds. The community is seeing the quality of education we are providing. 

This challenges of offering this kind of education are great. The need for classrooms that keep our classes sizes small is essential. As is the need for curriculum that focuses on the needs of each child. Thirdly, the need for passionate and qualified teachers is mandatory. Each of these come at a high cost. 

Current Greatest Needs (as of March 2024)

Wall Around Campus

This need is two-fold.

One reason for it is to protect our land from the impact of erosion. This past rainy season brought great damage to portions of our school and church campus. We need to slow the impact of this.

The second reason for this need is for the safety of the children. Not just their safety from the above reason, but to completely enclose the school. We need to our main gate to be the only place of entry so we can monitor who is entering our school for the safety of the children. 

Building Expansion

Our next challenge is the development of a long-term campus. We are currently out growing our space. To open up the number of children we can accomodate we have a need to build multi-story classrooms. 

This is a massive endeavor. Last year we were able to expand our land which will help us move towards this. The cost, though, is high. 

We are in the process of developing all of the architectual plans for this. 

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