Vocational Training

"I've always dreamed of being a seamstress and now my dream is coming true." -Diane, sewing student

Our Mission:

To Care for the Whole Family

Caregivers carry a heavy burden. On their shoulders is the provision of the entire family. That weight is even heavier when facing the challenges of poverty. 

Many of our caregivers lack job skills that could allow them to obtain jobs to provide for their families. We desire to train them to not only get well-paying jobs, but hopefully even start their own businesses. 

Currently We Have:

Sewing Students
Literacy Graduates
Current areas of training

Literacy Classes

Many adults within the community never learned how to read or write. This is our first step to training them in any job skill area. In 2022, we had our first group of students graduate. 

Sewing School

Students are learning not only the basics of sewing, but also business management. They are being trained to start their own business following graduation. This school also incorporates discipleship training. 

Future Areas of Training

As Rooted Oaks International grows we hope to expand the skills we are able to train community members in. The other areas we hope to begin training in are:

  • Hairdressing
  • Welding
  • Driving

Support a Sewing Student

The cost to train one sewing student for the year is $960. You can help us cover the cost of one student by making a monthly donation of $80.

Give to our Vocational Training School

A one-time or recurring gift to our vocational training fund will assist us in continuing to train students in sewing & literacy. Your donations will also help us move towards our next area of trainin.